Last Update 2/03/11 
  FOMO 2011 Conference: Tirol, March 20-26

Traveling to Obergurgl

At Sunday March 20th, Shuttle busses between Innsbruck and Obergurgl will be organised. Transport buses to Obergurgl will start at 16.00 (bus 1) and at 18:00 (bus 2) at the central train station in Innsbruck with stops about 15 min later at Innsbruck Airport (and about 45 min later at Ötztal Bahnhof at the entrance to the Ötz-Valley at special request).

Please notify us at as soon as possible which bus you plan to take (bus 1 or bus 2, if any) and where you wish to board (either Innsbruck train station, Innsbruck airport, or Ötztal Bahnhof).

Return shuttles will be organized during the conference.

If you arrive at Munich Airport, an Airport taxi Four Seasons travel can be taken directly to Obergurgl.

How to get to Obergurgl by yourself can be found at the website of the Obergurgl University Center.

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